Willadean Carter’s Chestnut Hill home was built in the 1930, and it’s been in her family for years.

She values home energy savings. In fact, Willadean wrapped her water heater, caulked around doors and windows, and added some insulation to increase her home’s comfort and to reduce her energy bills.

In June 2013, Willadean benefited from Hands On Nashville’s Home Energy Savings Program (HES). HES engages volunteers to work alongside trained Hands On Nashville staff and make energy and safety improvements to qualifying homes. With Willadean serving alongside the volunteers, more upgrades were made, including the additions of weather-stripping, blown-in insulation, compact fluorescent light bulbs, etc. As a result of this work, she’ll save approximately 10 percent on her utility bills. Plus, Willadean will be safer because smoke and carbon monoxide detectors were installed and a fire extinguisher was added.

For more information about the HES program, click on the Homeowner Financial Incentives tab.