Homeowner How-Tos

Making energy efficiency upgrades to your home is a smart move for your wallet and the environment. With so many home improvement possibilities, how do you know where to begin? Nashville Energy Works’ Homeowner How-Tos provides a listing of free community resources to help you get started.



Neighborhood Energy Savers Workshops are available to Nashville Electric Service customers interested in lowering their home’s energy usage. Participants receive a free energy-saving toolkit and a personalized plan of action to reduce energy costs. Workshops are scheduled throughout the year. Click here to see when the next available Neighborhood Energy Savers Workshop is scheduled.



Home Energy Savings Program engages volunteers, working under the leadership of expert staff, to make energy-saving upgrades to qualified low-income homes in Davidson County. During these weekly projects, volunteers get hands-on experience that can be transferred to their own homes.  Scopes of work include the installation of attic insulation, door strips, energy-efficient lighting, reusable air filters, sink aerators, etc. For more information about volunteer opportunities with the Home Energy Savings Program, click here.



Energy Saving Tools is a suite of online resources that help homeowners identify ways to save money on their home energy bills. Piedmont’s Home Energy Calculator asks the user a few simple questions and then provides an estimate for current energy usage, in addition to recommendations for how to save energy and reduce costs. Click here to get started.



Self-Audit Program provides homeowners with do-it-yourself education on proper home energy use and recommends personalized energy improvements. All first-time program participants also receive an energy-efficiency starter kit. For more information about the EnergyRight Solutions’ Self-Audit Program, click here.



In-Home Energy Workshops are free neighborhood workshops that focus on easy ways to save energy in your home at little or no cost to you. We are currently planning our 2014-15 workshop schedule. Please check back soon or join our mailing list by emailing NEW@hon.org.




Do-It-Yourself Videos show you the simple things you can do, as a homeowner, to save energy and cut down on your utility bills. Click here to view the available videos. To hear from real homeowners that have made changes to their homes to save energy and money, click here.


Tennessee Energy Education Initiative provides homeowners and organizations with the proper training and tools to take control of their energy usage by  connecting them with resources, expertise and potential funding options. For more information, click here.


Energy Star Kids Korner provides teachers, parents and children with a fun, interactive resource that explains the importance of energy efficiency. There are lesson plans, activities and trivia that challenge children to make a difference. For more information, click here.